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Anstice Optometrists is an independent practice with areas of special interest in Schoolvision, Behavioural Optometry and learning difficulties, Sportvision evaluation and therapy, tinted lenses and overlays for the classroom, work and stress related visual symptoms in adults. They have expertise and specialised equipment to provide effective visual training aimed at remediation of learning and general vision problems.  Having done optometric testing for Cellfield clients for many years, Anstice Optometrists have recently started offering the full Cellfield intervention programme.


Over the past number of years, many aids and treatments of visual dyslexia have been presented.  More recently, the revelation of Schoolvision... more


Just as exercise and practice increases your physical strength and speed, there are ways you can improve you sports vision or visual fitness... more

Irlen Syndrome

The Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual dysfunction caused by sensitivity to light rather than visual problems. It is therefore a requirement... more