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  • Visual acuity or sharpness and clarity of vision is important in virtually every sport. However conditions like nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness can blur your visual acuity.
  • Dynamic visual acuity is the ability to clearly see moving objects and players – important in fast-moving sports.
  • Vision pursuit skill is the ability of the eyes to follow a moving object smoothly and easily such as following the ball accurately.
  • Peripheral (side) vision lets you to see other players and/or objects “out the corner of your eye”.
  • Depth perception is your ability to quickly and accurately judge distance and speed of other objects.
  • Eye/hand/body coordination affects your overall performance because it involves both timing and body control.

Improving your vision skills

Anstice Optometrists have a national reputation for this specific area of Optometry. We can help you see better and play better with the correct eyewear and/or a vision therapy exercise programme.

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