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Our People

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Dharshie Hughes – Optometrist

Dharshie Hughes - Optometrist and Director/Partner of Anstice & Associates Optometrists.

Dharshie has lived in New Zealand since the age of 10.  She graduated from the University of Auckland in 2003 and has worked in private practice since then.  Her early years of practice included working at the Eye Institute in Sydney conducting post-operative care for ophthalmologists. Being born in Sri Lanka, Dharshie continues to have an interest in vision in developing countries. This has taken her across the globe to many countries over the years where she has volunteered her Optometrical services.  Her interest in children’s vision lead her to join Anstice Optometrist's in 2011.  

Adult Eye examination
SchoolVision Assessment for children
Orthokeratology – as a means of slowing the progression of myopia (or short-sightedness) in children.
Contact lenses (all types of soft and hard lenses)
Irlen Diagnostics – there are a number of children (and adults) who require this additional tinted colour added to see more comfortably and clearly.
Here at Anstice Optometrists we are proud to be able to offer this speciality service.

What keeps Dharshie motivated and enjoying work?

It is highly rewarding to be part of the process of having school children gain self-confidence by reaching their full learning potential – sometimes it takes as little as putting on a pair of specs in class to do this. Adults can also benefit similarly in a work environment with computer use. It can often change people’s lives and academic potential.


Jeremy FoxJeremy Fox – Optometrist

Jeremy Fox BSc, Dip Optom F.O.A.(SA), MCOptom (UK), Dip ScVP (UK)
Optometrist and Director/Partner of Anstice & Associates Optometrists.

A Schoolvision Specialist, a member of NZ Cornea & Contact Lens Society and NZ Association of Optometrists.

Jeremy qualified in South Africa where he was in private practice, with special interest in Child Vision Care. He then spent 10 years in the UK, practising in a National Domicilliary Eyecare provider (home care), for elderly and people with varying degrees of learning and developmental disabilities. He was also involved with Multinational group practices in various roles in the UK. On return to South Africa he was a partner in private practices, as well as holding senior management roles within the largest optometric group. Since arriving in New Zealand with his wife and three young children he has worked in private practice as well as group practices before completing his Diploma in Schoolvision, in the UK, prior to joining Anstice and Associates.

What does Jeremy do?

General optometry specialising in children’s Schoolvision.

What does Jeremy love most about his job?

Being able to make a difference in the lives of school children whether academically or sporting or both, as well as their parents, when they see the positive contribution we can make to the future success of their children.

What keeps Jeremy in the Optics Industry?

Realising that we have so much work to do. With overseas research statistics suggesting that up to 50% of school children have some degree of visual anomaly that is/will affect them reaching their full potential.


Iris XuIris Xu – Optometrist

Iris is a well respected & knowledgable Optometrist who joined Anstice & Associates  in December 2014.

Iris has speciality training in Childrens Vision (incorporating Schoolvision), a special interest in elderly patients, contact lenses & has ocular therapeutic certification

“I am very pleased to have joined the Professional Team at Anstice & Associates (Dharshie Hughes & Jeremy Fox) & to be in a position to offer full optometric services to patients”

Iris is fluent in English, Mandarin & Cantonese.


Nicola K BoyceNicola K Boyce – Optometrist

Nicola is a well respected and knowledgeable Optometrist, known for her reputation of going the extra mile with her patients, looking after their needs and engaging in successful patient communication.

Nicola has a wide range of clinical interests, the main one being the field of paediatric optometry and the visual facets of learning difficulties. So much is her passion for children that Nicola has added Schoolvision to her list of qualifications.

Besides children's vision, Nicola has extensive experience in fitting all types of contact lenses, along with being therapeutically qualified.



KimKim Stedman - Optometrist

Kim joined the Anstice team, returning to Christchurch after 18 years in the North Island. She ran a paediatric vision clinic in Hamilton for seven years and has extensive experience in both children and young adult's vision.

Since graduating Kim has completed ongoing training and research in the area of visual development and in particular the links between vision and learning, along with children's vision,

Kim also has interest in treating head injuries, binocular vision disorders and is therapeutically qualified.



Roberta McIlraithRoberta McIlraith - Optometrist

Roberta has 20 years experience as an optometrist, and has enjoyed serving the eyes of Christchurch since 2011.  Her expertise is wide ranging but with a particular interest at this time in myopia control (managing the progression of short-sightedness). Other sub-specialty areas include dry eyes and complex contact lens fitting.

Her favorite part of the job is coming up with a comprehensive management plan to improve the visual outcomes for her patients and patient education.