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Contact Lenses

There are many types of Contact Lenses on the market today, ranging from relativity new materials, such as Silicone Hydrogels to the more traditional Gas Permeable lenses. Through a comprehensive Tolerance appointment we will recommend the best type of lens and wear regime for you.

Contact LensesDaily Wear Lenses

Daily Wear Lenses are a particularly popular soft lens development. These mass-produced lenses are designed for discarding at the end of the day. They are convenient for travelling too, as no additional solutions are required. The annual cost of dailies is greater than other disposable types so most Dailies wearers use them for sport and social occasions. However their comfort and convenience leads some to use them for daily wear.

Soft Lenses ( Monthly Wear )

Soft contact lenses have steadily gained in popularity over the past 20 years due to advances in lens and solution technology. Patients often select these lenses as their first choice because they are comfortable right from the outset. Monthly disposable soft lenses probably account for the majority of our new fittings.

Disposable Lenses

Disposable lenses have been developed in response to chemical deposits from the tears and solutions that can accumulate on the surface of soft lenses and irritate the eyes. We usually fit lenses to change at intervals of one or six months. The particular regime selected depends on various factors such as the tears, lens power and fit. Silicone Hydrogels ( Either Daily or Monthly Wear ) are the best of the currently availiable Soft Lenses because they breathe Oxygen far better than previous technologies. This allows longer tolerated wearing times ( Sometimes up to 30 days & Nights ) with out compromising the corneas health. Many of the current generation of lenses can be worn safely all day and even napped in through the day, but are usually still removed at night, or used over night upto 6 nights in a month.

Hard Lenses

Modern hard lenses are called Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses because the materials used actually allow oxygen to pass through the lens matrix. This is the single most successful type of lens ever fitted. They offer good vision, correct most levels of astigmatism and have a superb safety record. Many hard lens wearers have been wearing them for the greater part of their lives. They are long lasting and easy to clean. The solutions are relatively inexpensive and because a single pair of lenses may last many years they represent the least expensive option too. Initially RGP lenses are less comfortable than the soft lens types. However as the eyes become accustomed to the lenses their comfort increases and eventually (normally within one month) they are perfectly comfortable.