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Children’s Frames

Emi glasses denim jacketThe most important aspect of a pair of glasses is how they fit. Children’s glasses are not miniature versions of adult glasses. Grown-up noses and cheeks are proportioned differently than children’s, and spectacle frames need to reflect this in order to fit properly. Experienced children’s opticians keep these differences in mind when assisting you in choosing eyewear.

Take our advice. Your child is much more likely to wear his or her glasses if they are comfortable and fit properly. That way they will look through the right part of the lens and will see better.

Remember that your child is undergoing rapid growth and an improperly fitted frame can cause alterations in developing bone, breathing problems and even create further damage in the vision – a problem the glasses are supposed to correct. As a child grows, the nose and cheeks change in shape and prominence, so don’t expect a child to “grow into” a pair of glasses. Ordering glasses “a little bit too big” can cause discomfort, inadequate vision and the frames slide down the nose. By the time they “grow into” the frame, it will no longer fit due to changes in facial features.