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What do patients say about us?

Cath- Thank you Whitney, for facilitating the repair of my very sad downtrodden glasses and thank you, Alastair, for the restoration job!!  You are both brilliant people in a great firm, and much appreciated.

Mike- I recently had an eye exam with Nicola and I got new reading glasses with an Irlen tint.  The glasses are just right and I felt that your whole team were very professional.  Thank you! 

Desiree - The new lenses I got yesterday are brilliant. My eyes are working together  better already, the glasses are much more comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for doing such a great job Kim & Alastair

Eric and Adrienne -This message is long overdue, but we wanted to express our appreciation of the professional service and care we enjoyed during our recent visits to Anstice Optometrists. In particular, Kim ensured that we were both fully informed about our conditions with all avenues covered and no stone unturned!  So thank you all.  

Nicholas's Mum - Nicholas picked up his special ‘Nicholas glasses’ on Friday and is amazed at the difference they are making! Everything is clearer and he is marvelling over the stitching on his clothes and how much easier it is to do up his shoelaces. His glasses are now up there with his favourite possessions and he confidently headed off to school this morning knowing that he would have an easier day because he can see better. Thank you so much!

Oliver's Mum - Penny was so good to work with, she was wonderful with Oliver, thank you.

Ethan's Mum - A heartwarming remark from a young patient - [Mum] -Thought I would share the reaction from Ethan when he tried out his new spectacles. Firstly I asked if the words were "still or moving" on a piece of text without his spectacles - he said "moving" (as though that was obvious/normal). Then with his spectacles, he said "they're not moving". I'm wondering if that is even possible as an immediate difference !!Anyway his next comment was "I can go to school now. Finally I can learn. This is the best day of my life".

Stephanie - Great people.  Sorted the headaches etc always willing to go the extra mile AND gave me the frames for my last glasses to help me out. Got eye problems go to Anstice and Associates😎👍awesome

Amber - I would like to acknowledge that the service we received from Anstice has been 110%.  Dharshie was so patient with us and so thorough and I am so grateful for this experience. I really want to let you know that the icing on the cake was Alastair and the way he helped river choose glasses (my boy hates that his eyes are “broken” and he has to wear them), so Alastair making it such a fun and cool experience left river feeling trendy and looking/feeling good which is the first time he has felt ok wearing glasses since he got his first pair at 4yrs  

Sally -  Sally called the office to say thank you.... Sally had worn progressive lenses obtained elsewhere, unsuccessfully.  We prescribed a type of progressive lens for her that she absolutely loves - so happy with her new glasses, as well as the wrap around care that she experienced from her dealings with all the staff, from Reception, Optometrist, Dispensing Team. Thanks Sally, we appreciate your feedback.

Anna - Many thanks for the report and for your great care with Ruby. I was really impressed with the service we received from the moment we walked in to when we left.

JillJust want to say a big Thank you- Leo's glasses arrived today. We were surprised how quick they arrived. Leo was so happy to try them out- when he put them on the first words out of his mouth were WOW- mum these are amazing. He ran and grabbed his reading book and went to read straight  away.  Thank you again- I know he wasn't your easiest of customers.

JustineThanks Jeremy and Anstice! You guys are just the best. My sons confidence and achievement at school is growing from strength to strength. Happy Days!!  

TanyaMy son had an appointment with Dharshie a few weeks ago as he was struggling to read or concentrate at school and really disliked both! Dharshie was fantastic, explaining everything simply to him as she went and the staff out the front were brilliant in helping him choose his new frames. In the few weeks that he's had glasses, he gone from sounding out each letter of a word and having no comprehension of what he was saying, to reading whole Geronimo Stilton books and loving it! He said that since he got his glasses he actually likes reading now - it's fun! Thank you so much!! 

HeathI had an appointment with Dharshie yesterday who was lovely and answered all sorts of questions I had! Upon arrival I had a photo of my eyes taken by Alastair who was also happy to answer some questions I had! Turns out I need some glasses for using my workplace computer and despite being a staff member down Margaret spent lots of time with me helping me choose some frames. Couldn't have asked for a better experience from technical expertise, to entertaining my lots of questions, to customer service. I felt totally valued as a customer. Well done to the team. When I picked up my new spectacles, Alastair spent time with me making sure they fitted well and I was happy with them. Couldn't be more pleased with my experience! 

BeckyWe had our first parent-teacher interview at school tonight since my 7 yr old son got his glasses from Jeremy at the beginning of April. The teachers are so incredibly pleased with the progress he has made and he is so close to having caught up to the reading level for his age we can't believe it! Today we had a chaotic morning and accidentally forgot his glasses, (Ops! !!) and his teacher said on a day to day basis you forget about whether they help, then he had a day without them and he apparently reverted to his old reading style. His nose pretty much touched the page and his fluency gone!! Thank you so much for providing something that has made such a difference to his future! !