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About Us

Anstice Optometrists is an independent practice with areas of special interest in Schoolvision, Behavioural Optometry and learning difficulties, Sportvision evaluation and therapy, tinted lenses and overlays for the classroom, work and stress related visual symptoms in adults. They have expertise and specialised equipment to provide effective vision therapy aimed at remediation of learning and general vision problems.  

Anstice was one of the first practices in the country designed with the needs of young children and parents in mind.  With leading expertise in UK Schoolvision going beyond a general eye examination, the Optometrists are well placed to provide optimal care for adults and children.  Providing a large selection of eyewear that covers a wide frame choice for all needs and budgets, the aim is to achieve a relaxing and stress free environment for all the family so that you and your children can enjoy regular and specialised eye care.


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